• Assist CEO regarding delivery of programs and services with appropriate personnel and other resources
  • Provide support to CEO, Board Members, Committees and Members
  • Provide external liaison for the DSBIA
  • Review of CEO

Chair: James Stewart
Members: Cheryl Christensen,  Greg Mitchell,  Elfie Stumpf,  Bill Rempel



  • Provide monthly financial direction for Board
  • Provide Board with monthly written reports
  • Appoint auditor and review auditor’s statement and management report
  • Identify new sources of revenue and/or sponsorship to support work of all committees
Chair: Bill Rempel
Members: Wolfgang Degemann, Kelly Botchar



  • Tasks and Duties:
  • Facilitates two-way dialogue between DSBIA and all levels of government
  • Identifies priorities and sets objectives
  • Develops position documents on key issues
  • Counsels the Board on how to respond to key issues
  • Advocates for economic growth and infrastructure for City Centre
Chair: James Stewart
Members: Joanne Curry, David Pel, Cheryl Christensen



  • Identifies opportunities for education and marketing of the DSBIA area locally, provincially, nationally and internationally
  • Supports and promotes all Committees in advancement of related objectives and goals with related marketing initiatives
  • Identifies and partners with businesses and associations to further enhance DSBIA area
  • Targets sponsorship opportunities to promote and market Downtown Surrey
  • Reviews marketing materials on an ongoing basis
  • Identifies, promotes and communicates with DSBIA membership
  • Identifies Public Relations opportunities that support the vision and mission statements of the DSBIA

Chair: Kelly Botchar
Members: Joanna Curry (Marianne Meadhal) , Charan Sethi (Caroline Jeklin), Andrew Westlund, Bill Rempel (Vivian Li)



  •  Supports and promotes Downtown Surrey as the future Regional Hub south of the Fraser
  • Supports and partners with the City of Surrey and DSBIA members to position the Downtown as an attractive and welcoming location for development
  • Promotes the DSBIA for corporate & business relocation and showcase amenities in area
  • Promotes and supports clean and sustainable energy businesses
  • Promotes the DSBIA as a business-friendly City Centre with specific economic investment zone  and property tax incentive

Chair: Robert Dominick
Members: Bill Rempel, Charan Sethi, Glenda Sawatzky, James Stewart, Steve Dooley, Greg Mitchell, Larry Fisher, Michael McNaught



  • Identifies and addresses safety  concerns of DSBIA members
  • Advocates regarding crime prevention, policy changes and government funding priorities
  •  Works with property owners to:
    • Encourage property maintenance
    • Clean up private properties
    • Improve private properties
  • Identifies concerns and priorities of Members that can be passed onto the Government Relations Committee

Chair: Elfie Stumpf
Members: David Halket, Cheryl Christensen



  • Supports and promotes area enhancement in Downtown Surrey
  • Identifies issues and areas of concern that can be addressed through area enhancement projects.
  • Collaborates, partners and works with city in areas of beautification.
  • Identifies and partners with businesses and associations to enhance Downtown Surrey. 

Chair: Michael Wilson
Members: Glenda Sawatzky, Michael McNaught



  • Identifies opportunities for partnership in DSBIA events in Downtown Surrey
  • Identifies opportunities for the DSBIA to participate in City, community or stakeholder events
  • Showcases and profiles the Members and Downtown Surrey with DSBIA event related activities
  • Engages, coordinates, communicates and profiles all self-supported and partner related events in Downtown Surrey to profile the area

Chair: Cheryl Christensen
Members: Charan Sethi, Andrew Westland,