Works with the Executive Director regarding overall administration, structure, staffing and documentation (bylaws & policies) that guides the Association. Also, develops policy for the review and approval of the full Board. This committee is comprised of six members; President, Two Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Director-at-large.

  • Chair: Bill Rempel
  • Members: David Pel (David Pel & Co.), Jay Redmond (Campbell Redmond), Elfie Stump (Whalley Optical), Kevin Mickelby (PWC), James Stewart (Hamilton Duncan  Armstrong Stewart)
  • Staff: Elizabeth Model, Bonnie Burnside


Finance and Audit

Provide monthly financial direction for the Board of Directors The committee will provide the Board of Directors with monthly written reports and will appoint an auditor and review the auditor’s statement and management report. Also identify new sources of revenue.

  • Chair: David Pel (David Pel & Company)
  • Members:Wolfgang Degemann (Eurocan Industries), Kelly Botchar (Scotiabank), Kevin Mickelby (PWC)
  • Staff:  Bonnie Burnside


Government Relations

Advocates on behalf of DSBIA members and maintains effective partnerships with stakeholder groups including the three levels of government. Identify priorities and set objectives and develop position documents on key issues.  Also counsel the board on how to respond to key issues. Lobby for Economic growth and Infrastructure for City Centre.

  • Chair: Bill Rempel (Blackwood Partners Management Corporation)
  • Members: Jay Redmond (Campbell Redmond), Wilf Hurd/ Joanne Curry (SFU), David Pel (David Pel & Co.), Glenda Sawatzky (Dundee), James Stewart (Hamilton Duncan Armstrong Stewart), Kathi Thompson (Fraser Health)
  • Staff: Elizabeth Model, Bonnie Burnside


Marketing, Communications and Public Relations

Identify opportunities for Education and Marketing of the DSBIA area locally, provincially, nationally and Internationally.  Support and promote all Committees in advancement of related objectives and goals with related Marketing initiatives. Identify and partner with businesses and Associations to further enhance the DSBIA area. Target Sponsorship Opportunities to promote and market Downtown Surrey. Review Marketing Materials utilized on an ongoing basis to support the DSBIA work. Identify PR opportunities that support the vision and mission of  the DSBIA.

  • Chair: Melissa Bailey (BASE Investments)
  • Members: Kelly Botchar (Scotiabank), Rose Fitzner (Compass Point Inn), Charan Sethi (Tien Sher)
  • Staff: Elizabeth Model, Bonnie Burnside


Economic Development and Culture

Support and promote Downtown Surrey as our future Regional Hub South of the Fraser. Also, advocates on behalf of DSBIA members regarding land use, zoning, bylaws, provincial legislation and transportation.  Support the City of Surrey to position the Downtown  as an attractive and welcoming location for development. To promote the DSBIA for corporate & business relocation and showcase amenities in the  area and promote and support clean and sustainable energy businesses. Also promote the DSBIA as a business friendly City Centre with specific economic and Investment zone and property tax incentives.

  • Chair: Robert Dominick (Lightyear Digital Theatre/WestStone Development)
  • Members: Bill Rempel (Central City/Blackwood Partners), Charan Sethi (Tien Sher Developments), Garry Romanetz (Stantec), Glenda Sawatzky (Dundee), James Stewart (Hamilton Duncan Armstrong Stewart), Joanne Curry (SFU)
  • Staff: Elizabeth Model, Bonnie Burnside


Safety and Area Enhancement

Identifies and addresses safety & security concerns in the DSBIA area and advocates and collaborates regarding crime prevention, policy changes and government funding priorities. Works with property owners to encourage property maintenance; clean up private properties; and upgrade private properties. Also works with the City to advocate, plan and implement desired public realm improvements.

  • Chair: Elfie Stumpf (Whalley Optical),
  • Members: David Halkett (McQuarrie Hunter), Mike Nielsen (Express Computers), Michael Wilson (Phoenix Drug & Alcohol), Kathi Thompson (Fraser Health), Rose Fitzner (Compass Point Inn)
  • Staff:  Bonnie Burnside


Special Events

Planning and implementation of special events through sponsorship and participation that bring people to Downtown Surrey.

  • Chair: Cheryl Christensen
  • Members:
  • Bonnie Burnside (WCA,DSBIA), Tracey Gravel (DSBIA, WCA)
  • Staff:  Tracey Gravel