In 2001, a core group of concerned business and property owners in Whalley met to discuss issues of concern in their community. This ad hoc group was interested in the Business Improvement Area (BIA) concept, and saw this as a promising planning and economic development tool for the area.

The Whalley Business Improvement Area (BIA) was created in April 2003, through the adoption of a special bylaw by Surrey City Council. Under the direction of the Whalley Business Association Society (WBAS), the BIA had an initial mandate of five years – from April 1st, 2003 to March 31st, 2008. The Whalley BIA comprised a vast area of approximately 414 acres in North Surrey. The BIA stretches along the King George Boulevard from 96 to 112 Avenues; and is roughly bounded on the west and east by University Drive and Whalley Boulevard.

In 2007, the members voted to change the name of the organization to the Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association.

The Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association (DSBIA) has adopted the following guiding objectives:

Creating a vibrant, safe, and livable downtown

Fostering positive community and government partnerships

Supporting positive investment climate

Collaborating for a safer community

Promoting revitalization and community development
The members of the WBIA were asked to vote on four motions at the extraordinary General Meeting on September 26, 2007.

MOTION 1: That the Whalley BIA change the name to Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association from Whalley Business Improvement Association. CARRIED
MOTION 2: That the boundaries of the BIA be expanded to properties on the east side of East Whalley Ring Road from 108 Avenue to Fraser Highway that are currently not part of the BIA area. CARRIED

MOTION 3: To adopt a levy strategy for the next five years as part of the BIA renewal process that provides for graduated increases according to the following schedule:
2008: $575,000
2009: $600,000
2010: $625,000
2011: $650,000
2012: $675,000

MOTION 4: To adopt the attached 2008 budget as presented by the Board of Directors of the BIA. CARRIED