Central City Ricky’s Wins Franchise Prize

The Bains Family and their staff were honoured at a recent gala dinner by national franchiser, Ricky’s Restaurant. Voted Franchise of the Year in British Columbia, this exceptional local eatery beat out 26 other Ricky’s locations to win the coveted award.

“We don’t just serve food, we’re relationship builders and our goal was to create a huge extended family that we love to cook for,” says Avtar Bains. “We also don’t have staff; we’re a family of 35. All the kids who work here are like an extension of our own kids.

“We could only have achieved this level of success with all these people working together side-be-side, including Central City and Michelle Mackay. We couldn’t have done it without them; they are phenomenal people to work with who make our jobs a lot easier and create an environment to succeed.”

Avtar and his wife, Sheila, had no prior experience in the restaurant world before pitching in to help their son Mike when he bought the six-year-old franchise location six years ago. With just a brief foray in the pub industry in the mid 90s, the Bains’ and their extended “family” went on to build the best Ricky’s in BC.

Franchise excellence is judged not just on financial success, but also on community involvement, relationship to staff, efficient operations, cleanliness, and business feasibility.

Their greatest pride is their annual weekend fundraising event for the Variety Club Children’s Telethon that raised over $10,000 this year.

 “Every day our kids help us become better people.”

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