Stand Up & Be Counted

Taxpayer – The Census is Important

The money collected by the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments comes from you – the tax payer and then comes back to you and your community.

And the information we all provide in the Census is one of the main sources of information to determine how it should be spent.

This is why the Census is important.

Every five years, the Federal Government undertakes the Census – a count of the number of people living in Canada.  They look at how old people are and where they live.   

All governments will use the Census results to make long term plans. Those plans include transfer payments from Federal to Provincial coffers and from Provincial to Municipal coffers. In other words, they use the Census data to  re-distribute your money.

The City of Surrey has the youngest population in BC – approximately 33% of the people living in Surrey are under the age of 19 years.

In Surrey, thousands of children are being taught in portables because our schools are bursting at the seams. We need more schools. 

Surrey not only needs schools for elementary and high school-age students but we need more spaces for post-secondary students.  Statistics show that the population south of the Fraser is vastly underserved for post -secondary seats.

Although we have a young population, we are also an aging population. Vancouver has several hospitals for a population not much greater than Surrey’s. Even with the expansions to Surrey Memorial Hospital underway, our continued growth will only increase the need for expanded health care services. Shouldn’t we have another hospital to serve our  rapidly growing needs?

In order to be a green community, we require a transit system that meets our needs. If you can get to Skytrain, it’s easy to get to Vancouver and use their well-scheduled transit. But we need a system that allows us to get around in our City and the neighbouring communities South of the Fraser.

 Every month between 800 and 1,000 people move to Surrey.  Stopping development and discouraging people from moving here is not the answer –  getting Surrey’s fair share of your tax dollars is.

When that Census envelope comes in the mail, don’t put it off.  

Stand up and be counted. Make sure all the members of your household are included in the count. It is your responsibility to insure that the taxes you pay come back to Surrey.

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