Scott Campbell Voted Officer of the Year by Community

Surrey Board of Trade recently hosted their 16th Annual Police Officer of the Year Awards in October. The awards ceremony, held at Vancouver Sheraton Guildford Hotel, celebrated all of the dedicated RCMP officers in the Surrey area.

Staff Sgt. Scott Campbell won the title of Police Officer of the Year as voted by the community.

“I feel like really I’m just a fraction of a team, and our team is a fraction of the entire community,” says Campbell, “and to be centered out for all the good work and contribution is a humbling thing to receive.”

Having been an officer for twenty years, Campbell believes his post at the start of his career in a small town taught him the important lesson— people inside and outside of the police force are needed in accomplishing goals.

“All of our goals are very similar,” says Campbell, “we all just have different approaches.”

The ultimate goal for Campbell would be to solve all the problems in the Surrey area. He hopes to be able to resolve the problems, rather than just displace the issues.

For Campbell, there is no huge departure from his work and personal life.
“Policing is really about co-operation and work of the entire community” Campbell says, “I really enjoy the community.”

When asked about what he thinks about his community, he replied
“I think City Center is fantastic, just how a community should be. There’s a lot of passionate, tireless people and work that goes into this. All these people, they’re very like minded and it shows.”

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