2020 – Our Surrey Vision

We are excited to present our “2020 Vision” for the coming year! Click the link here to have a look at what’s in store for the future of Downtown Surrey’s rapidly accelerating expansion, and what we aim to achieve in order to make such an expansion beneficial for the community.

The 2020 Our Surrey Vision community engagement project was launched by the Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association (DSBIA) to facilitate conversation and community feedback for its 2020 Strategic Planning Document.

The main objectives of this project were to:

• Conduct community engagement in various parts of Surrey to identify key opportunities for growth and seek input on identified areas of strength in Downtown Surrey

• Capture both high level and low level input from these engagements in an overview document

In total, there were 4,677 in-person engagements, 168,996 online engagements including 998 online surveys and 318 paper surveys for a total of 1,316 completed responses.

Latest Tweets

dtsurreybia @dtsurreybia
Special thanks to everyone who attended our 2020 AGM, as well as all of those who have helped the DSBIA contribute… https://t.co/sEdkrljE4Z
Big thanks to Andrew Westlund from @ApexWirelessInc for his time as a Director of the DSBIA ☺️ https://t.co/arklzuHns9
Congratulations to these businesses within the DSBIA for being established for 60+ years! @HDASLaw Dell Lanes Ava… https://t.co/zGsWCkZ8f8
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