Procurement & Packaging

Packaging such as Styrofoam take-out containers and bubble wrap are difficult to recycle and thus are filling up our landfills and can be costly to dispose of. Consider adopting a sustainable purchasing policy.


Small Potatoes Urban Delivery (SPUD) Inc.: is a Vancouver business which delivers local, organic food right to customers doors. SPUD uses reusable rubber bins with lids that snap on and off to deliver food. They have been using the bins for 7 years and the bins are still in good condition.


The 7 Steps to Sustainable Purchasing

  1. Rethink your purchase.
    • Do you really need it?
  2. Rent, lease or buy it second hand.
  3. Choose a durable or longer-life product.
  4. Choose products or services designed to be environmentally and socially sustainable.
  5. Choose suppliers committed to sustainability
    • Check to see if the supplier is a member of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR) at
  6. Calculate the total cost
  7. Reduce transportation impacts

From GVRD Sustainable Purchasing Guide. Click here for more detail. 


The David Suzuki Foundation estimates that food products traveled from field to table is on average in North America is 2,400 kilometres.


TIP for Food Service Providers

Consider joining Ocean Wise.

Ocean Wise is sustainable seafood program run by the Vancouver Aquarium. They work with food service providers such as restaurants, markets and suppliers to educate them about scientific information regarding seafood and assisting them in making sustainable seafood purchases. Customers recognize the Ocean Wise logo and are made aware that your business supports the world’s oceans.

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