We are lucky enough here in Canada to have plenty of fresh water supply. We often take for granted that there are countries in the world where fresh water does not exist so readily at their taps. If we continue to use water as an endless resource, water prices could increase dramatically, adding more costs your utility bills.

Conserving water will reduce your water, energy and maintenance costs (as much as 30%), and will show the public that your business demonstrates responsible environmental practices.



Public Washrooms

  • Repair leaky toilets and faucets! Leaky toilets can waste over 20 – 40 liters an hour, enough to fill a swimming pool in 1 year
  • You can test for leak by
    1. Place liquid food colouring in the toilet tank.
    2. Wait about 15 minutes without flushing to allow dye diffuse to diffuse in tank water.
    3. After 15 minutes check the water in your toilet bowl. If the water is colored, you’ve got a toilet leak.
  • Think about installing energy-efficient appliances, such as low-flush toilets, sensor-operated faucets and urinals and low-flow aerators. You’ll save plenty of water and the payback for switching toilets is about 5 years.
  • Having signs that remind employees and customers to turn off the tap helps people remember to turn off the tap.
  • Install a toilet tank bank. They can reduce water usage by up to 30%!

Do it yourself!

Use a 500 ml plastic pop bottle filled with sand or small pebbles and place it into your toilet tank.


Food Service Kitchens

  • Thaw food in the fridge rather than under a running tap.
  • Make sure to only run the dishwasher when full, replace spray heads to reduce flow.
  • Don’t let taps run continuously when rinsing dishes or food – having a foot trigger can help reduce water consumption
  • When it comes to upgrade dishwashers, take a look at the Power Smart Product Incentive Rebates, which range from $3,900 – $11,000 for Energy Star rated models. You will save on energy bills too!
  • Replace older pre-rinse spray valves with modern low-flow units. Low-flow spray valves cost about $80.
  • Choose air-cooled ice machines that replace water cooled units. Air-cooled ice machines use half as much water as water cooled machines. You can also reduce the flow rate of your current machine to save water.

In the Laundry Room

Laundromats, Hotels & Motels

  • Only run full loads
  • Adjust water level to match size of load
  • Check washing machine to see if it has a suds saving feature, this recycles the rinse water from the previous load of laundry
  • When you purchase a new machine, look for front-loading machines that are ENERGY STAR rated.

Drinking Water

splashing from ice cubes being dropped in a glass.

  • Filtered water systems may improve the taste, smell and appearance of the drinking water but they do not make the water any healthier or safer than tap water. Filtered water may help steer people away from purchasing bottled water and encourage employees, customers and guests to bring their own bottles for water.
  • Bottled water is expensive and wasteful, try to avoid purchasing and supplying bottled water.
  • Ask customers if they would like a glass of water rather than serving one without asking.


Harsh cleaning chemicals, detergents, fats and oils, medications and other harmful substances that go down our drains has harmful effects on the marine environment.

  • Try to eliminate the use of classic chemical agents like Comet and Bleach, look for products that are natural and non-toxic
  • Hydrogen peroxide based bleach is safer for the environment than sodium hypochlorite bleach.
  • Food Service Providers Tip: cool small quantities of fats, oils and grease in the fridge or freezer before throwing in the garbage

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