• 2020 - Our Surrey vision

Open With Care

To the customers and clientele of the business in our area
As our businesses “Open with Care”, we hope you will support them. Please try to eat out once per week, lunch, dinner or during Take-out Wednesday.

To the businesses within Downtown Surrey
One of our businesses, FASKEN Law Offices has put together some valuable information for you.
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Downtown Surrey: City of the 21st Century

From technology and innovation to dining and culture, Surrey is on its way to becoming the second largest metropolis in Western Canada.

The Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association (previously known as the Whalley Business Improvement Association) was formed in 2003 to facilitate business improvement, community Economic Development, Business Revitalization and enhancement to the North Surrey area. Our goal is to assist businesses and commercial property owners in Downtown Surrey build a vibrant, safe, and livable downtown.

Downtown Surrey is strategically located in the heart of the Greater Vancouver Regional District. We have a young workforce, reasonable land and lease opportunities in Surrey, the fastest growing City in BC. Business, Government and Citizens: we are a community coming together to make Surrey City Centre the choice to live, work, learn, and play.